During Robert Ripley’s lifetime he traveled to 201 countries seeking the odd, the unusual, and the unexplained. He opened Odditoriums as a way to showcase the hundreds of artifacts he acquired from around the world. Some of these artifacts, and the stories behind them, are enough to send shivers down your spine! In the spirit of Halloween, we invite you to experience some of the creepiest artifacts found in Ripley’s New York collection.

Read on for 5 hair-raising artifacts that can be found at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square

1. Pickled heads in a jar

To become a part of the Ripley collection, this awesome photo-op lets you place your head inside the empty glass jar on the shelf.

2. The Iron Maiden of Nuremberg, c.1593

In medieval Germany and Austria, prisoners found guilty of heresy were subjected to the “embrace” of the Iron Maiden. Notice the spikes, carefully aligned to pierce the eyes, throat, and heart.

3. Stocks and gallows

In the torture room, you can find many eerie torture devices. Among these artifacts are more photo-ops such as medieval brank masks and stocks and gallows.

4. Vampire killing kit, c.1840

This portable kit from the 1800’s contains everything a person needed to thwart a vampire. Included are an ivory cross, gun, silver bullet, a wooden stake, holy water, and garlic!

5. Live giant hissing cockroaches

Believe it or not, these crawlers are showcased because they are edible! While most Americans are grossed out by the thought of bugs anywhere near their food, people in the tropics regularly consume over 500 species of creepy-crawlers.


Visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square for a chance to experience these and many more startling artifacts!

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