When we think of St. Patrick’s Day, a few things come to mind; green shakes and green beer, St. Patrick’s Day parades and that song from “The Departed.” Celebrating Irish heritage in America, has become a tradition for all and a fun way to salute our fellow Irish American friends and loved ones. The holiday however has some myths behind it that we have uncovered below!

1. Did you know that over 33.3 million Americans claim Irish Ancestry? That is 7 times the population in Ireland alone!

2. St. Patrick was not born in Ireland contrary to popular belief. He was likely born in Britain.

3.  Historically, St. Patrick is associated with the color blue NOT green.

4. The story about St. Patrick, is that he rid Ireland of snakes in the 5th century. However, snakes have NEVER inhabited the island.

5. Originally, the holiday in Ireland was a dry one because it was a strictly religious observance and pubs were closed for business on March 17th. In 1970, the holiday was turned into a national one and so began the continuous flow of beer for years to come!

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