5 Unusual Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day!

5 Unusual Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day, is not always about the traditional chocolates or Valentine’s card. Sometimes doing things a little bit differently is a refreshing way to celebrate the holiday with that someone special. Check out this list of 5 Unusual Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day and maybe you can try some of these one day!

1. In Japan, women take charge and are the gift givers on Valentine’s Day, where they bestow chocolates to their loved one.

2. In England, a creepy guy named Jack Valentine, visits the homes of children on Valentine’s Eve. He brings them gifts and candies, then vanishes into thin air!

3. People in Denmark, gift love notes to those they admire and sign them with dots instead of a signature. This is called “gaekkebrev.” If the recipient can guess the secret admirer, they will get an egg on Easter.

4. If you are ever in the city of Rome, do as the Romans do and visit the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin. Here you can see the remains of the actual St. Valentine of Italy, from where the Valentine tradition originates!

5. In Brazil, they put faith and love into the luck of the draw. There is a tradition where names are randomly drawn and selected out of a hat. Once a name is drawn, this person could be the man or woman the selector marries!