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When you're thinking about things to do in Times Square with kids, be sure you add a visit to The Black Hole at Ripley's.

Time and space become irrelevant here as you lose yourself in the black hole. Stars will encircle you and your concept of the ground beneath you will vanish.

This eerie tunnel into one of space’s bewildering elements will leave you absolutely dazed and confused after experiencing a whirlwind of exhibits.



One of the truly unique experiences that should be on any list of things to do in NYC Times Square area is Ripley's Smash Dash!

Stay on your toes. Make sure your reflexes are sharp! Buttons will light up and buzz around you, and you only have seconds to turn them off. The more buttons you hit within the time limit the more points you earn! Compete against the clock or challenge a friend! 



New York loves baseball, so no list of what to see and do in New York would be complete without a visit to Ripley's Baseball exhibit.

New York has an amazing baseball history, and its fans appreciate that. At Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Times Square you can walk into a baseball exhibit for the times. From stadium seats to actually worn uniforms by the sport’s greatest! This baseball exhibit has it all for New York Yankees and New York Mets fans alike.


Wondering what to do in New York City? Experience Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Times Square!
A visit to Ripley’s should be included when you consider things to do in Times Square New York. You don’t want to miss any of its exciting galleries.

Over 18,000 Square Feet of Interactive Space!

○ Solve a series of puzzles in this interactive ESCAPE adventure

○ Featuring the latest in high tech components and top-tier movie-quality set design

○ A great family activity suitable for ages 5 and up

○ The adventure includes a live guide to help navigate the series of intricate puzzles

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As you meander through over 20 themed galleries spanning two floors, you’ll discover new surprises around every turn. Make sure you bring your camera! There are amazing photo opportunities you won’t find anywhere else! Where else can you take a photo where you’re only half a person, a head in a jar, covered by live cockroaches, or hanging off the top of the Empire State building? You can do all this and more at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square! So be sure you include Ripley’s when you plan what to see and do in New York.


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