Most Expensive Foods- 4th of July Edition!

Most Expensive Foods- 4th of July Edition!

Have you ever wanted to try the world’s most expensive food? How about some edible gold flakes on your pizza or ice cream topped with truffles? Why not treat yourself by trying one of these decadent wonders and skip the backyard BBQ for once. These are not your typical hotdogs and hamburgers and you probably won’t see this being sold from an NYC street cart anytime soon!

Most Expensive Foods in NY

Golden Burger by Thomas Hannich and Arndt von Hoff

1. Thought gold was just for jewelry? Well think again because now you can get your hands on 23-karat flaked edible popcorn. For $250, you can get a 1 gallon tin of Berco’s guilty pleasure. This snacking treat is said to leave gold residue on your fingers.
2. Guinness World Records dubbed this the most expensive hotdog, $169 from Tokyo Dog in Seattle. Made from Wagyu beef, foie gras, caviar and black truffles.
3. In 2015, Scoopi Cafe in Dubai, started serving the “world’s most expensive ice cream.” The “black diamond” is made with Madagascar vanilla topped with Italian truffles, Iranian saffron and  23-karat gold flakes. To top it off, the concoction is served in a Versace bowl with a matching spoon and you can get it for $817.
4.  One of the world’s most expensive burgers was created in Amsterdam. The bun alone costs $150, made with saffron and 24-karat gold leaf. The beef is Japanese Wagyu, topped with lobster, foie-gras, white truffles, Remeker cheese, Iberian ham, French lettuce, Japanese fruit tomatoes, and caviar! The sauce alone is made from lobster, saffron, Japanese soy sauce, Madagascar vanilla, and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. This will set you back about $2300!
5. Would you spend $250 on a slice of pizza? Well for a whopping $2000 you can get a pie from Industry City, in NYC. It is made with imported cheese, truffles, caviar, foie gras, and flakes of 24-karat gold.

Talk about opulence!